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We offer Hands On Support Unlocking Growth opportunities together in a Sustainable Way

We won’t tell you what to do but are there as needed to work alongside you on projects that drive value and

Advance circular solutions throughout the value chain and create innovative products that are 100% reusable, recyclable . 

Heart on Grass

The power of three teams

The team  you meet at Packaging Holdings  will work with you throughout. Three teams behind you, working together as one.

The Investment Team

Your investment lead will become your dedicated Board Member, meaning the same person helps you to drive the strategic agenda of the business from day one to exit.

They will be by your side and invested in your ambitions, connecting you to all the relevant support, experience and expertise atPackaging Hol, as well as our extensive portfolio network.

The Commercial Team

We created our Commercial Team as we know there are always more opportunities than there is bandwidth.

A flexible extension of your team, your dedicated Team Lead brings proven experience, and the hands-on support to help execute.

The NPD Team

We work to Identifies market trends and customer needs to drive innovation in paper packaging solutions.

The team will design and develop new packaging concepts, materials, and features to meet customer requirements.


We collaborate with cross-functional customer and supplier teams to prototype, test, and launch innovative paper packaging products into the market

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